Clearing, Ummm, Gearing Up for the Holidays

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Yes, I fully understand that my affinity for Holiday-hood may be offensive for some, but eh, that’s okay.  I like to just roll with it.  But shame on me for loving to post all over my social media account how many days until the blessed event and sit back with popcorn in hand to watch the reactions of all my friends.  But one question I have is this, “How can Christmas just sneak up on a person when it’s the same day every single year?”

Ah-ha!  See?  No excuses.  But really, I’m not one who likes to spend my holidays running around frantically trying to get everything done.  My family enjoys spending a good chunk of time serving and volunteering so this adds to the madness but it brings us joy and gets our children involved so it’s a priority.

I’ve been considering a few conversations with friends since last Christmas and I think it all boils down to taking a moment to decide what is priority for you and your family and making plans around that standard.  It’s necessary to include the family on this, however.   One can have individual priorities but when it comes to family priorities, you need to consult with them first.  It doesn’t have to be a formal board meeting; although, if that’s your jam, by all means… But is can certainly be a conversation around the dinner table or in the car on the way to an activity.

I find that an overwhelming amount of friends and acquaintances are feeling the tug to slow down and enjoy the holidays, to which I say AMEN!  Even if you welcome the season of shopping (yay), Christmas parties, serving, cooking, eating, etc., you might be wondering if there is another way to do it so that you’re not exhausted and feeling like you need a vacation after Christmas vacation.  Well, rest assured that I’ve got you covered for that.  Actually, Kara and I got your back on that.  I’ve brought Kara back for an episode on my podcast (A Lotus in the Desert) for a holiday edition of decluttering for the holidays.  But here’s a little bit of a spoiler alert, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this chit-chatting conversation goes waaaay more in depth than just making sure your home is relatively organized for the season.

I’d urge you to give it a listen but I think I’ll give the PSA that it is almost an hour long.  And really, we could’ve talked for another three hours on it!  So, grab an apple cider, hot cocoa, tea, glass of wine (or all four of them) and allow us to love on you and challenge you to go beyond the norm and really think about what holidays should look like for you and your family.

Click here to listen to this awesome conversation of holiday awesomeness.  Otherwise, you can find me on just about any podcast platform under the name:  A Lotus in the Desert.

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