Why I Chose to Get Up at 5 a.m. for Thirty Days

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets into a routine and all of the sudden days, weeks, months, and even years seem to pass by all too quickly and sometimes it feels like I have very little recollection of said amount of time.  I’m the only one?  Yes?  Well, riddle me this, how is it that I can drive to the grocery store and sit in the parking lot only to wonder how I got there without any accidents when I don’t even remember the commute to  the store?  Well, my friend, let’s just say that it’s all in repetition.  We’re so used to doing the same thing in the same way such that our minds tend to check out from time to time…or for a period of time…and somehow we still manage to function.

There’s the answer to the question I’ve been asked the most since starting this 30 Day Challenge almost two weeks ago.  “I’m just curious to why you chose to wake up so early?” “What would motivate you to do that?” “What are you thinking???”  I’ve been asked some variation of the same question dozens of times and I’ll go as far as to say that I’ve asked myself that question just as much.

The bottom line is that I wanted to shake things up.  When I turned 40, I somehow got some sort of gumption to want to do life different…like waaaaaay differently.  So much so that I was tired of not being able to wear earrings (it’s a sensitivity thing and I also hated the feel of the rod poking into my neck) that I took the plunge and got my favorite flower tattooed on each lobe.  Talk about ‘set it and forget it’!  I don’t even remember I have them on my ears until someone asks me if they’re really tattoos on my earlobes.

Anyhow, as my birthday approached last June, I sat and pondered what I could do this year to shake things up even more.  I was discussing this with a friend and she suggested I watch Matt D’Avella’s 30 Day Challenges and see if I could get some inspiration.  I watched the 5 a.m. challenge and was intrigued.  I’d read so many times before that “successful people,” or people who are called successful based on their set standards, almost always wake up early in the morning.  I thought, “Well, I’m a productive person but my productivity is done primarily at night.  My day starts the moment when the kids go to bed and I don’t go to sleep til I’m finished.”  Why is that anyway?  I decided to delve into that question deeper and evaluate if perhaps I’d been doing it all wrong and if productivity could be increased even more on the other side of midday.  I wanted to find out for myself if there even is a difference and if this self-professed happy night owl could become an equally happy early bird.

So there you have it folks…the reason I dove head first into the world of a.m. and lay down my crown of Queen of p.m.-cleaning.  Wondering how it’s going? Here’s the first video of my progress:

Have you ever done anything to shake things up?  What was it?  Leave it in the comment box below.

As always, stay safe and God bless!

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