Frugal Feats May 2019

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Summer-type weather is closely approaching and it’s time for many of us to transition either outdoors of if you live in the desert…INDOORS!  Even after living in Arizona for sometime over 25 years, I still have to giggle when I see social media posts about coming out of the house to enjoy the warm, sunny summers since we here are preparing for the intense heat that drives us indoors for the better part of 5 months!  Our flip flop weather typically happens while others are bundling up in multiple layers; although, I will say that this year was rather chilly for us so many of us had to go about two weeks with “real shoes.”

One lesson in frugality that is applicable throughout the entire year, no matter what the weather outside, is to LEARN TO BE A HAPPY HOMEBODY!  No really, create a home environment (within budget, of course) that is welcoming, relaxing, and is conducive to being content so that running to the stores and malls isn’t our escape.  Listen, contentment is a big ol’ thorn in my side since we have at least four bodies in a teeny-tiny home at any given time.  Errrmmmmm, nope, I don’t mean one of those really cute tiny homes you see in the home and garden-type shows.  I mean, a house that we originally thought would fit our beginner family of three.  Just a little back story…when Joel and I chose this house, we’d given up the hope of having any children of our own as we were told it wouldn’t be possible.  Lo and behold, we chose a house that a working Dad and Mom with one child would be able to handle BUT fast forward and three wonderful gifts from God were trusted to us and we are pretty much busting at the seems.  I would normally categorize myself as a “minimalist,” desiring to keep only the necessities in our lovely little oasis, but reality tells me that I’d definitely be interpreting the term rather loosely if I did.  Nonetheless, our big family fits in this little house rather well for now and this former shopaholic is reformed into a homebody-ish gal.

Enough of that, let’s get down to some practical and tangible ways that our family saved money this month:

  • Did I mention, “stay home more?”  Well, we most certainly are enjoying our humble abode more since most of the children’s activities are coming to an end.
  • Picked up extra hours at work since my BFFFFFFF is on maternity leave, enjoying her precious little man.  We used to work together so I am able to fill in her position while she enjoys smiles, snuggles, feedings, and dirty diapers.  😀
  • Fruits are starting to come into season sooooo that means our grocery bill is going down since we are a fresh fruits and veggies-loving family.  Our tomatoes are still producing a nice bumpercrop (only a fist-full of tiny tomatoes, really) daily.
  • Greenbeans!!!  My bean plants are flowering and of course this has me all giddy since I started them from seed…not something I’m typically successful at.  We should have green beans soon.  Woohoo!
  • Ebates, Shopkick, Receipt Hog, and Fetch:  cashed in on all these apps for a total of $55.02.  It was the quarterly rebate from Ebates that made up the bulk of this amount.
  • Printed multiplication worksheets for Sasha on  I don’t pay for a membership so I max out my freebies for practice/supplemental work while we are off for summer.
  • Library, library, library!  Need I say more?
  • Now that our weather will soon be hotter than (insert preferred terminology here), that means the stove and oven will be taking a rest and the crockpot and cold meals will be taking over.  I typically make a batch of soup and divide them in 4 and we’ll enjoy soup, sandwiches, and a side salad for many of our meals.
  • Annnd speaking of heating up the house, not only do cold meals keep our air conditioner from working extremely hard, we also set the thermostat a couple degrees higher in the daytime and use fans for cooling.
  • Mother’s Day gift–or not–this year was super busy for us around Mother’s Day so I decided to give hubby the year off and declare no expectations this year.  Instead, we decided to do a Parent Day-Birthday(s) celebration in June.  I will write another post about travel-hacking that enables us to use this but just for now, we are planning on a couple-night staycation at a Hotel/Casino where the family can relax, unplug, and Daddy can play some cards while Mommy and kids take up permanent residence by the pool.
  • Did you know that you can get digital credits from Amazon if you order on Prime but choose the slower shipping method?  I learned about this a couple months ago but since I’m a wee bit of a planner, I don’t typically need anything immediately so can choose the No Rush shipping method.  Sometimes it still comes within the two day window but other times it’ll take a few days to get my goods BUT the perk is that they will credit $1 or so to your Amazon account.  It is usually only good for digital goods like movie rentals or purchases, but I wonder if it is also usable for audio/digital books too?  If you have any experience with this, let me know.  I was able to buy a movie for the kids on Amazon Video using these credits!  Why did I not know about this sooner?
  • Lastly, I had a phone date with a friend who moved away a year ago.  I poured a cup of coffee, gave the kids a frozen fruit pop and shoved them out back to swing while I enjoyed a long conversation full of love, laughter, and even tears with sweet Karen…my heart overflowed.  Miss you so much lady! (P.S. the title picture is totally NOT us but you get my point…)

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and that you all are enjoying the beauty surrounding you.  Remember to create an environment that speaks to your heart and calms your soul!

Stay safe and God bless!

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  1. This message spoke dearly to my heart since I am having to re-set up my home office and am having trouble with it. I am needing some help with it. You do need a home or my-space/office productive and suitable to your personality and accessible for your family members, too; especially if you are homeschooling your child.

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