Frugal Feats…sometime in April-ish 2019

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Well peoples, I’ve taken just over a month off my weekly schedule of posting and quite frankly, I still find that I don’t have much to say.  I’m writing a post right now about the shenanigans buzzing through  my mind these past few weeks and making sense of my sometimes messy life but only God knows when I’ll get around to getting that one finished.

In the spirit of dusting myself (or my keyboard) off and straightening my tiara, let’s celebrate with a Frugal Feats post to cover April-ish to the first half of May:

  • Collected a true bumpercrop of lemons from the tree in the back yard and my Dad brought over even more.  Woohoo, lemonade for months!
  • Also collected cherry tomatoes and cilantro.  We get enough every day to top our dinner salads and still have some for pico de gallo.  Yum!
  • Made Sasha’s jeans into cut offs for Ashley (Cuz my jolly green giant with the daddy long legs keeps growing so Ashley is more than thrilled to give her threads a second life.)
  • Cashed in pretty much all of my apps points/cash values for a total of just under $60.
  • A friend gifted us with a GIANT dry erase board with markers and erasers and all that we are using for homeschooling as well as tons of entertainment.
  • Finally found a GF bread roll recipe that we enjoy so buh-bye to all those flippity high priced pre-made ones.
  • We were able to delete the line item in our budget assigned to haircuts.  I already cut the guys’ hair at home but I learned how to do long layers soooooo there ya go.  Thanks YouTube!!!
  • Running through the park sprinklers!  We have a few splash pads around here but none of them as convenient as the sprinklers at the park at the end of our cul-de-sac.  From 12-12:45 pm every day, the water works are turned on so we like to pack a lunch and eat while we (ahem, THEY!) dry off.
  • I met a lady at Costco who also homeschools her five children and they are always dressed in riding pants and boots so I struck up a conversation.  The riding club they belong to had an open house and my three younger children got a free riding lesson and a lesson on horse grooming and maintenance.  Such a great experience and it got me to thinking about the experience-present we give the kids for Christmas…hmmm.
  • A family friend learned that we would be renting a car while my BFF was on baby watch and offered us their extra vehicle to borrow until things settle down for us.  (In the words of my gal pal, Angela, “Friends don’t let friends rent cars!”)
  • My girls participated in a homeschool group fieldtrip to the local animal shelter.  Let’s just say we wanted to talk away with the entire supply of 370-ish dogs they were housing.  Even though we aren’t able to volunteer in person very often, we learned about ways that we can help out from home by making posters to post outside their kennel with each doggy’s info.
  • My BESTEST NEIGHBOR EVER…my Ms. Rogers sorta…picked up the produce from Market on the Move and gave us the leftovers so we sent over a bouquet of cilantro.  We exchanged goodies with each other almost every Saturday in April.!
  • I exchanged the tomato cage around my plant and accidentally knocked off one of the branches.  Unable to part with the little green tomatoes that were still growing and not ripe, I put the branch in water and lo and behold that the branch is sprouting roots.  I’ll wait til the roots are a longer and plant it in hopes of making another supply of sweet, red yumminess.  Fingers crossed!
  • Changed the temperature on the thermostat so the air conditioner doesn’t run very often right now.  We have solar panels and like to store up as much wattage as possible before the extreme heat hits soon.
  • And finally, my gal pal Elizabeth says she and her mother save some hard earned cash by deciding NOT to buy an item if they find they really don’t need it.  Amen, sister!!!!!

That about covers it for me…what have you been up to and how have you shaved even just a little off your monthly overhead this past few weeks?  And if you’re needing some encouragement/tips, feel free to post that in the comments a well!

As always, take care and God bless!


2 Replies to “Frugal Feats…sometime in April-ish 2019”

  1. I love your play time in the park sprinklers! Great activity! …we’re saving money by having the hubby do the shopping, If it’s not on the list, we don’t buy it (ok, except for his popcorn and one healthy bag of chips). Especially beneficial for his Costco trip 🙂

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