Frugal Feats 3/13-3/26/19

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Spring has definitely sprung here in the desert and the flowers are all in full bloom!  This is one of my favorite times of year as the mountains are green from late winter rains and boy did we get plenty of rain this year, which is a welcome change from recent winters.  Rumor has it that this will be an active monsoon season so we shall see what creation has in store for us.

After posting my story about the day we hit our financial rock bottom, a friend asked me why I made the statement that I feel I always will embrace the frugal lifestyle, don’t I ever get tired of it?  I’d be lying if I said I never went through frugal living burn out but I do my best to identify that perhaps I’m just taking penny-pinching too seriously and I have to lighten up a bit.  Frugal living is supposed to be a sustainable way of life that gives you freedom and options rather than a noose around the neck.  For myself and my children, we like to make it fun by making a game out of it…and laughing at some of the ways we totally flopped the frugal game!  Like I always say, some days I totally rock it and some days I totally FLOP it.

Speaking of rocking it, let’s spotlight some of the ways a couple of my pals totally rocked it these past two weeks:

Cori:  On top of sporting the “Newly-Third-Time-Mommy-Gorgeousness Award”, Cori chimed in on my FaceBook post that she ordered reusable sandwich and snack bags for her children’s lunches.  I’m waiting for a review on these as I’ve always wanted to try them buuuut with my children eating pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL at home, I haven’t jumped in to the realm of reusable baggies.  She added that it may not be cost effective but she also ordered reusable produce bags but for environmental purposes.  Another high-five!!!

Kayli:  This frugalista here agrees with Cori’s move to ditch the disposable sandwich/snack baggies and ordered reusable juice boxes…so AWESOME!

Kara:  Now this is a gal after my own heart!  She sold her car and applied the money toward her credit card balance, making her JUST THAT MUCH CLOSER to paying it off.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure debt-reduction is my love language.  They need to make another category for the sixth love language:  Budgets, Saving Money, and Debt Reduction.  Just sayin’!

Meeeeeee (Tiffany):  Lawdy, what a time this past couple weeks has been!  But I did manage to get in some frugal feats of my own, so ENJOY…

  • Our church held a community event called Springfest.  Oh my goodness! This was so much fun and the activities were FREEEEE!  The kids played in the inflatable obstacle course, jumped in the bungee trampoline thingies (or whatever they were), rode in a massive pirate ship swing, and enjoyed a movie on a giant screen in the field.  The weather was perfect for the occasion and the food trucks smelled amazing (the food wasn’t free though but TOTALLY worth it).
  • No Spend days–we’ve done more No-Spend days this month (and even this year) than ever.  I used to dread these as the shopper in me used to feel out of sorts if there wasn’t some reason to go to the store every day.  That lion inside my head seems to be tamed as I no longer enjoy going to the stores anymore unless it’s an anticipated trip.  Yay for progress!
  • I’ll talk about this in my last point, but I cashed in all the apps where I had balances high enough to do so and ended up with $27.86 in PayPal/Amazon credit.
  • Caught an error of $22 on my trash collection bill so I called the company and they corrected the charges.  PEOPLE, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILL!
  • Home mani/pedis for Ashley and myself.
  • A neighbor had four tomato cages on the curb and I really wanted them but wasn’t sure if she was giving them away, so imagine my happy-tappy dance when I saw them in her trash can the following Friday.   Ummmm, yes please!  I valiantly marched up to her front door and politely asked if I could take them off her hands, and I’d pay her for them.  No money needed and she wished me more luck growing goodies than she had.  Challenge accepted!
  • Reached out to reconnect to some friends who’ve moved away and enjoyed some much needed laughing and soul-care.  Miss you so much, Karen, and sooooo miss seeing your beautiful face on Wednesday mornings, Toni!
  • Okay, okay, okay, so this is one I could’ve literally spiked the football and toasted a Perrier in my champagne flutes (real champagne isn’t in the budget right now).  Ashley just turned 8 so I’d been speaking with her about what she wanted for her main gift.  She wanted a tablet/iPad but that was out of our budget so I asked her what she liked about the iPad and learned that really she would get all of that with a standard Kindle.  I started researching Kindles on Amazon and they offered me a trade-in credit for my old Kindle I registered back in 2014.  The credit was for $5 AND 25% off a new Kindle.  I ordered a new but older version, a Kindle 8 for $49.99 and with the trade in offer, I got it for $37.49 BUUUUT remember that I cashed in my Shopkicks, FetchRewards, Receipt Hog, and CoinOut amounts and applied it to this so the total came down to $9.63.  But wait, that’s not all!  I went through the Ebates app to Amazon before I placed the order and got an additional $1.50 in rebates.  Soooooo, the grand total for the new Kindle 8 was (drum roll please…..) $8.13.  Can I get an AMEN and  HOLLA?????  (Bonus, I’d picked up a tablet case during the Back To School Clearance sale at Target and stashed it in my closet for such a time as this so she had a case too)

Well, that’s it for me folks!  I am hoping to see if someone got any good thrift store or yard sale finds in the next couple months and it’s prime time to score the deals…so, caring is sharing!  Spill the beans on how you’ve been flexing your frugal muscles lately.

As always, stay safe and God bless!

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  1. I was able thisvweek to get a handmade painted kid’s bookcase for FREE from $10 and it’s the perfect item for my daughter’s room for her books. I am also getting two big bags of clothes for my daughter to wear.

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