Frugal Feats 2/26-3/12/19

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It’s that time again, friends! Time to spill the beans about how you’re “doing rice and beans.”  Well, not really but still. I’ve always admired those who could make a bang up dish out of rice and beans but I’m more of a chips and salsa gal.  So, let’s get straight to the penny-pinching points!

I wanted use this post to spotlight some of the ways my pals have saved in the last two weeks, whether they commented on my FB post, Instagram, text, PM, DM, or OH MY!!!  So many ways to share the wealth (ahem, literally!) so here they all are, in one place for your viewing pleasure:

  • Cori and fam just welcomed her precious little boy into this world (Congrats!!!) and she shared that meal prepping and freezer meals have been a good for finances AND the relatively smooth running of her home.  That’s definitely a frugal and time-wise WIN!
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    Kayli, oh, Kayli…she’s another frugalista in my pod and I just love when she shares her nuggets of knowledge.  She went to PetSmart and ad-matched Amazon prices to score a deal on food for her fur baby.  She also made homemade wipes (or baby wipes), is regrowing green onions and lettuce, exercises with Holy Yoga on YouTube, crocheted her own face scrubbies, cut kitchen sponges in half, used her dollar store oil dispensers for portion control, and used her Fry’s Fuel Rewards points to fill the gas tank for $1.99/gal.  Woohoo and a high-five!!!

  • Jen is my gardening mentor!  You’ve gotta take a look at what she’s up to in her garden…click through here.  Definitely a frugal feat to be able to grow your own if possible.  She’s minimizing waste in the kitchen by meal planning, portion planning, and making her own bread.  That’s awesome that she notices that it’s better for her family and their situation not to have too many leftovers as they will typically go to waste.  She’s been using rebate apps to collect some cash back on her groceries and and fabrics, I think? She’s also a WAHM and saves a little on gas by running her pet supply business from home.  Check out her sweet grey hounds and other pampered pooches sporting her creations here.


As for myself:

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  • I am participating in a “Make It March” challenge where I am replacing something I would typically buy with something I can make at home.  My project is to make gluten-free breakfast muffins.  We LOVE to grab a muffin if we are running late don’t want to deal with rumblies in the tumblies aka nagging kids in the backseat.  I’ve found a recipe that is tasty and will get a dozen muffins for less cost than a premade four pack from the store.
  • I picked up a couple extra hours at work for an organizing project.  This doubles as free entertainment for my children as I am able to bring them with me and they can play while I clean out and organize.  Ummm, can I just say, “DREAM JOB?”
  • Saved a little on gas by surrendering a couple “my days” for Joel to drive to work.  I am starting to enjoy this forced slow-down in our schedule, even though I’m typically not a homebody.
  • We have a bumper crop of lemons! Many more than I could possibly use and I use lemons EVERY.DAY! And I juice them and save the juice, and I make homemade lemonade, and I use them to scrub just about everything.  We still have tons left and the trees are already flowering again so I sent a couple bags of lemons over to our sweet neighbor.  A couple weeks ago, she went tangelo picking at her friends house and left a bag for us on our front porch.  Yummmm.
  • Got 5% cash back by using Ebates to order a birthday present for Ashley and Sasha’s friend on Amazon.
  • App rewards, I chose not to cash in on my rewards from February yet as I’m waiting til closer to Ashley’s birthday, but I earned approximately $25 between Shopkick, Fetch, CoinOut, and Receipt Hog.  I’ll wait til right before Ashley’s birthday and cash out for an Amazon credit and use that when ordering her birthday present. Keep an eye out for my review and tutorial for Receipt Hog and CoinOut as it’ll be up next week.  But if you missed the review for Shopkick and Fetch, you can read about it here and watch it here.
  • Joel and I have been researching how to bring down our health insurance premiums.  We researched the health share options and they aren’t a good match for our family so we are looking into other ways to get discounts.  I tend to get overwhelmed and confused when it comes to this so I just cut the crud and called the benefits coordinator at hubb’s work and she was more than happy to help a sista out.  So far, we managed to find ways to shave approximately $180 off our monthly premiums and his employer will also add one-time contributions to our HSA if we do certain tasks. Yay!


I am so enjoying this thread of posts and seeing all the different ways that we are all kicking tushie while saving money.  I wanted to say, though, that there is no tip too small or insignificant so if you’re a little bashful and thinking that just one tip wouldn’t make a difference…au contraire, mes amis!  You might have just the right words to say that will encourage another in their journey so SPEAK UP!

As always, stay safe and God bless!

2 Replies to “Frugal Feats 2/26-3/12/19”

  1. 1. Sold my old car that my dad had been using for years after if just couldn’t pass admissions anymore without more money being put in. The money from the sale is going towards a good size payment on my credit card, which is getting closer to being paid off. It’s not the most ideal for my dad to be without a car, but in the interim, he’s using my husband’s motorcycle, which translates into less insurance cost, smaller monthly gas expenses and the regular use of a vehicle that has been sitting idle for some time.

    2. We’re switching cable providers at the end of the month, which will translate to about $60 in savings per month for at least two years. That will translate to over $1,400 saved! We haven’t gotten to the point of completely cancelling cable altogether and living just off of Netflix, Hulu, etc.

    3. Many of our sweet friends have blessed us with gifts and lots of diapers for our sweet boy, who is just 4 weeks away from arriving! I’m so so grateful for the gift of practicality in the form of diapers since we know they are a necessary purchase.

    4. My husband and I splurged on getting maternity photos taken since we haven’t had professional photos since our wedding many years ago. Our photographer was amazing and gave us a photo release so that we could download and print our own photos. Costco for the win! The cost of prints and photo enlargements is so affordable and the quality is awesome!

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