Frugal Feats and Life Updates 2/14-2/25/19



Well folks, I’m not gonna lie or even pretend to have a Pinterest-worthy post this time around.  If you’ve read my Lessons Learned From a Car Crash, you know that we are now down to being a one-car family so we are working to establish new systems and routines. But honestly, I really don’t mind sharing a car with hubby.  We’ve done it before successfully and I know we will do it again.  Joel and I  have overcome a lot in our marriage.  I do plan on writing more about that one day but all in good time…Most people would say that we should just go buy a new car, but go read my post on this topic and you’ll see why we chose not to do that.

The impact on us as a family has been less about our finances and more about focusing on hubby’s healing…and of course, the anxiety-monster has reared it’s ugly head and rocked me to my very core.  I don’t share this with everyone but I’m “coming out” as one who feels, and feels passionately.  I’ve never been one who can just “deal with it tomorrow” or “sleep on it.”  I am a thinker and I value, ummmm NEEEEEED, resolution like yesterday!  When adversity hits, I always formulate a game plan on how we will move forward, establish a new normal, and reside in that stasis.  I have a hard time finding rest when there isn’t resolution in sight.  That being said, our family is choosing to love each other deeply in gratitude of lives that were protected and time we have to continue doing this crazy thing we call “life.”

How does this pertain to frugal living?  Well, you certainly won’t find a car accident under the guidelines for frugal accomplishments so we will just have to let grace cover that and do our best from this point on.  I’ve enlisted the help of my Bestie for the Restie and she’s graciously partnered with me in sharing her nuggets of frugal feats. Hopefully, between the two of us, we are able to provide some easy reading and maybe even some quirky and entertaining ways for you to shave a little fat off your monthly overhead.

But remember, I said in the first Frugal Feats post, I don’t want to be talking AT everyone, I’d love to engage and talk WITH everyone.  I just know you all have some lovely frugal tips and I wanna learn more.  So, here we go:

Tiff’s Frugal Feats:

  • Well, gosh darn for the car accident but after the initial shock and financial responsibilities, we are actually going to be better off…dropping one car off the insurance, arranging car-sharing in such a way that we will be spending less on gas, and paying less in maintenance costs.
  • We unintentionally saved buckets and buckets of rainwater these past two weeks (thank you children for not putting your toys away before the rain).  I used those to water the plants indoors, wash the windows after the rains were finished, and water the container plants that we moved onto the porch.
  • Ashley has been loving the YouTube channel, Art for Kids Hub, as supplemental material for her art studies.  She will sit and draw for at least an hour!  Free art classes, WOOHOO!
  • Daily yoga work outs with my kids, also courtesy of YouTube, Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel.
  • Laundry hack:  Throw a dry towel in a load of wet laundry and it’ll cut down your drying time significantly and you’ll get your loads done faster.  It varies by dryer type but I’ve been doing this for years and it has cut drying time by approximately 25%…that’s 25% energy savings too!  Oh, and remember as you are transferring your clothes to the dryer, to shake them out to un-wrinkle them as well.
  • Added some homemade cranberry sauce that ended up being way too tart to plain Greek yogurt for a nice dessert.  Add a few shavings of coconut and chocolate for a REALLY delectable morsel of yummy-ness!
  • Weekly library visits:  our public library has gotten in a load of new children’s books and DVDs that we’ve been able to enjoy.  I’m still somewhere around #700-ish on the list for Chris Hogan’s Everyday Millionaire.  I’ll probably be retired before it’s my turn but hey, it’s FREEEEE!  Just kidding.
  • We’ve been enjoying fresh cilantro from my wee little container garden.  I’m so amazed that it’s survived the cold temperatures we had.
  • A friend is redoing her children’s play room and gifted us a book shelf and a toy shelf.  They look brand new and I absolutely LOVE them!
  • I received my Ebates and Ibotta rebates to the tune of $40, I haven’t touched my Fetch Rewards yet as I want to save those for now.  (If you don’t know about these three apps, you can watch my tutorial here.)  I also have been enjoying another app, and even made it into another form of free entertainment for my children and I…Shopkick.  If you’ve never heard of this one, you can learn the pro’s and con’s about it here…and here’s a video tutorial which is a little more informational.)
  • And last but not least…SNOW!  We had snow, like REAL snow here last week.  It stuck for a couple hours so we declared a snow day, put away our workbooks, and headed outside to make some memories.  I did end up crocheting Caleb some fingerless gloves that night as we don’t have any cold-weather gear.  But for the time, we made makeshift mittens by putting Ziplock baggies over our hands and over those went old thick socks.  For the first time since I’ve lived in the desert, I actually wished I had a mudroom.



Kara’s Frugal Feats:

  • Gracious!  I was thrilled with this one:  “I used my Costco Rewards Check from both the membership and the Visa card to stockpile necessities for while on maternity leave with a limited income.  (I.e. toilet paper, dishwasher soap, etc.)”~~And yay for the upcoming arrival of baby Noah!
  • I was able to price match dog food at PetSmart for half the price they charge plus claim an Ibotta reward, so I paid $7 for 15 lbs when it usually retails $20 for the same size.
  • I saved up a little cash every week for a couple months so I could get my hair cut and colored and paid cash for it.  (Side note from Tiff: it looks FANTASTIC!)
  • I went on a lunch date with my husband instead of a dinner date, which made the final bill much smaller since lunch menu is usually cheaper than dinner for the same plate.


The thing that I love about Kara’s frugal feats, and why I share mine as well, is to bust the myth that being frugal means that one doesn’t have a life at all, or that life is super dreary.  There will be times when life can be a little dull and financially tight, but really, it’s not typically a long term ordeal.  One can be frugal and still enjoy life, I promise!

I would love to hear about what you’ve done to keep more of your hard-earned money in your wallet!  Remember, we are here to celebrate each other’s victories and empower and uplift in times of discouragement.

As always, stay safe and God bless!

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