Shopkick App Tutorial and Review



Well, let me tell you that I’m FINALLY ready to share my experience with the Shopkick app.  I really don’t like to share apps or sites unless I think they’re worth a person’s time and effort, so rest assured that if I suggest a site might be profitable, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m doing it right along with you!

Shopkick is an app that you use while you’re shopping in-store or online.  I have only used the app for in-store so that’s the only part of the app that I can personally vouch for.  If you’ve had online experience, PLEASE DO SHARE WITH THE REST OF US!  You can earn gift cards to different shops or you can use your “kicks” to load your reward amount to PayPal for cash.  Me personally?  I am saving my reward points for a $50 gift card to Amazon.  (Frugal hack:  whenever you redeem rewards from any of your apps, there is usually an Amazon option.  I am using all of these to pay for my annual Prime membership renewal fee and any leftovers will be saved to Amazon for Christmas shopping.)


Make sure you watch my video with the basic intro to the app, you find it here.  I made the video to supplement this post so you can see exactly how it works.  If you decide it’s for you, go ahead and download the app and create your account.  I do have a referral code (GIFT945317) but just like I mentioned in my tutorial for Ibotta and Fetch Rewards, I’m all about supporting those close to you so please ask around and see if any of your friends already have a referral code.  (If not, feel free to use mine!)  After you create your account, it’s going to ask you to set a goal…AND THEN START SHOPKICKING!

At first, I was hesitant to get excited over this one as I’ve seen way too many apps start off really nice and then just sort of fizzle out to the point where there really wasn’t much to be benefited from keeping the account active (AHEM, say it with me:  Mobisave!)  You do need to claim your first Shopkick within 7 days of creating your account in order to redeem your sign up reward, which I think it somewhere around 250 “kicks.”

There are a few ways you can claim your “kicks”:

  1. Walk in kicks, these are “kicks” that you can get just by walking in to a specific store.  Woohoo!
  2. Scan kicks, these are fun too but you have to make sure you’re scanning the right product.  Don’t worry, they’ll let you know if you’re not.
  3. Buy and scan your receipt or link to your card, I still have yet to do this.  You can also link a credit/debit card to the account and earn “kicks” with online purchases.
  4. Watch videos and scroll ads in the Discover section of the app, minimal earnings but still worth it.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

Pros:  Of all my apps, Shopkick and Fetch Rewards are my current favorites.  (During the holidays, Ebates is my absolute favorite though.)  I do have a little game that I play with the kids, which we call “Shopkicking.”  I explain in the video what this is, but basically, it’s when I plan a date to claim as many “kicks” as realistically possible but the catch is that I cannot spend money unless the item is on my NEEDS list.  So, if I find a good sale on slippers and slippers isn’t on my list, NOOOOPE!  I make a game of it with my kids, it’s sorta like a Search & Find book but only in real life.  My youngest son doesn’t really dig that so I tell him it’s like a treasure hunt.  They love to find the items and take turns scanning so it’s really of little consequence to me.  AND IT’S FREE ENTERTAINMENT!  Just pack yourself a coffee and snacks and you’re all set to start earning “kicks” toward gift cards.  Another thing that I enjoy about this app and the way I’m implementing it for our family is that it teaches us delayed gratification and my children are seeing Mommy walk away from a store without purchasing anything.  (Just a little character training for all of us…)

Cons:  With all of the praises that I’m singing about this app, could there even be a CON?????  Well, yep.  See, the thing is, especially with the Walk-In Kicks, they’re counting on you seeing something that you just cannot live without and are betting that’ll result in an impulse buy.  So, you have to prepare yourself with some, AHEM, female fortitude if you go Shopkicking.  I bring my three little humans, my three nagging accountability partners with me most of the time.  They definitely do their job of reminding me what the goal is and keep me from sabotaging our “Amazon savings.”

Well, that’s it folks.  My overall review is that I am very pleased to find another way to build an alternative income for my family and it’s loads of fun as well, this app will be staying in my Brown Bag of Frugal Tricks!

If you missed my tutorial on Ibotta, Ebates, and Fetch Rewards, you can find it here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.  If you have any experience with Shopkick, leave that in the comments too.

If you have an app that you use that you’d like me to try out, I’d be thrilled to find more ways to pad the wallet, especially when saving for the holidays!

As always, take care and God bless!

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