Goals: January-March 2019

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Confession: I’m horrible at resolutions. In fact, I see so many posts on people planning their year in advance and I’m like, “Whaaaa?!?!?! YOU’RE AWESOME!” Makes me want to slip on my footie jammies, grab my blanket, sit at the feet of these wise creatures and soak in any advice they might be willing to impart.

Let me be real and vulnerable here, I’m a happy planner and can certainly throw out a whiz-bang annual calendar, but I’m also a realist. Yep, the reality is that I get too frustrated with myself when curve balls are thrown or find a kink in my seemingly ironclad armor. I don’t really want to do annual goals since statistically I probably won’t keep up with them.  Instead, I’ll be making a motto for every quarter and then have each goal operate within the boundaries of that motto.  Before the beginning of the next quarter, I’ll reevaluate and either choose another one or continue ploughing forward in the same mindset~~’cuz let’s face it, life changes and my focus might need to be tweaked to accept and embrace the change.

This first three months, I’ve chosen  Back to Basics for my mode of operation. (Thanks to my Ms. Kara for helping me condense my vision into that tried and true title!)  Basically, the second part of 2018 was rather topsy-turvy as hubby changed positions at work, oldest son moved back home (A VERY WELCOME TRANSITION), my job position changed, and we participated in lots and lots of extra curricular activities.  My soul longs for consistency, predictability, and return back to stasis…and my children do too!

So, in the spirit of stasis, here are my goals for the first quarter of 2019. (Heads up: these are not my monthly goals or family goals.)

  • Take first steps to reset circadian clock. (As a contented night-owl, this one’s gonna hurt the most!)
  • Read six books: three fiction/three nonfiction.
  • Revisit Productivity Boot Camp and set new block schedule for first quarter.
  • Six blogposts and three YouTube videos. (Still deciding on topics so if you have any ideas, let me know.)
  • Adapt to new pay schedule.
  • Resume weekly activities: gymnastics/dance for kids, HeartBeat for Mommy, Monday night study.
  • Resume homeschooling: focus on reading fluency/comprehension for Sasha, math for Ashley, handicrafts for Caleb.
  • Reinstate monthly Costco haul and weekly produce shopping.
  • Meal planning/prepping.
  • Keeping my veggie plants alive during this cold(-er) snap we’ve got going on here in Southern AZ!

Well, there ya have it. I know that this is my limit for change and realistic, yet stretching goals. The toughest one will be getting myself on a more functional sleep schedule but it’s long overdue. If anyone has any experience or tips for how to achieve this, let me know as I believe that all other goals will be more easily conquered if I can get this one  under control.  (Insert ugly cry here!)

What about you? Do you do have any goals for 2019? Come on and spill the beans so we can cheer you on!

As always, stay safe and God bless!


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