Goals: December 2018

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The air is definitely getting more crisp here in the Old Pueblo.  I’d like to say that it’s downright cold as per the definition of a desert rat, but I know that our weather in no way compares to the frigid temperatures of much of the northern hemisphere.  By cold, I mean that today was overcast with slight wind and a high of 59*F.  Brrrrrr, I ended up turning on the heater for a few minutes tonight in preparation for our low of 38*F.  I say all of this in jest but I still am equipped with a cup of hot tea and a blanket covering my legs as I contemplate what December has in store for our family.

Early in the year, I’d decided that 2018’s motto would be Grace and Grit and I’d like to finish this year strong in that same thread.  So, here are my goals to close out the year and in preparation for 2019:

*These are monthly goals which I aim to accomplish on top of my daily To-Do List*


  • December donation to the Disabled Veterans of America.
  • Properly wipe down and box Fall décor and store in garage.
  • Rotate items in pantry in preparation for monthly Costco haul.


  • Weekly emails to hospitality team for church Christmas services.
  • Week 1: finalize menus and buy nonperishables. 2: Order outsourced items, email time slots for volunteers, create a block schedule for volunteer team and myself. 3a: Buy food, ingredient distribution for home-helping volunteers. 3b:  Décor team, prepping party, set up team, and then it’s GO TIME!!! 4: Clean up and put everything back in place from the festival.
  • Continue working on beanies for children battling illnesses.


  • Continue picking lemons and oranges as they mature and gathering the last of the peppers.
  • Juice extra lemons and freeze in in ice cube trays.
  • Pull container plants onto the back patio to be covered at night.
  • Have kids help in getting the back yard cleaned up and ready to go dormant during the cold-ER months. (I.e. toys, dog doo-ty, etc.)
  • Weed control in the front yard.


  • Begin new tradition of Christmas Eve boxes for family.
  • Help children brain storm for homemade gifts for friends.
  • Have shopping finished for family and friends by the second week.
  • Annual Christmas dinner with girlfriends. Woohoo!!!
  • Mail Christmas package to our soldier by the end of first week.

Scheduling/Home Education:

(My part-time position on Sundays will be ending this month so I will be working on time scheduling/management.)

  • Revisit Productivity Boot Camp (this program has been a total life changer for me so let me know if you are interested in learning more about this) and adjust block schedules for upcoming changes this season.
  • Assess each child’s progress and create Spring 2019 semester standards for each.
  • Finish Fall 2018 semester and file work samples for each child in each content area.
  • Research Young Rembrandt-type classes for Ashley.

Shopping/Home Economics:

  • Restart monthly Costco haul and weekly produce trips. (I’ve gotten sloppy with this)
  • Start back up with Saturday batch cooking. (I’ve gotten sloppy with this, too!)


  • Sleep > 6 hours per night. ( Ideal 7-8 hours but NOT LESS than 4)
  • Switch out one cup of coffee per day with noncaffeine tea.
  • In the busyness of the holidays, make time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this season.
  • Read 2 nonfiction books.
  • One blogpost or YouTube video per week.  I’m not sure yet if the YouTube scene works well for me in this season of life.  They sure are fun but also take a lot of time to make.


At the end of the month, I will also sit down and go over the family schedules for the upcoming year, including vacations, sports, important events/dates, etc.  That’ll probably be a whole different blogpost though.

I want to hear from you, do you do monthly goals?  If so, do you write them down, put them in  your phone, or just keep them in your head? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world and cheer you on to accomplishing your goals!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and restful holiday.  From our family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

6 Replies to “Goals: December 2018”

  1. Hi!This was a vrry nice short and to the point post. No monthly goals set for this one invome and zero money in checking or savings accounts. I am looking for a part time job to do at home. Could you help me with that? I like buying our produce from Sprouts for about $20 only. Trying to write out all bills to pay and budget. Thanks for now and cold night person.Ann Swaney

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    1. Hi Ann! Hubby and I know what it’s like to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. You need to take some time to reflect on what you are trying to accomplish and then make some goals. If more income is needed, then figure out what you are passionate about and find a start searching ways on how to make money in that area. For Joel and I, it was more productive to continue to figure out ways to keep shaving off our expenses than for me to begin working again. We can chat about this on Thursday. (I’ve got more homework for you to do. 🙂 )


  2. You are one busy lady!
    I keep personal goals in my head, but our routine and schedule is written down in the Google calendar so Adam and I can both update it regularly and see what’s happening each week, especially with his ever-changing work schedule! We also sat down the other day and started discussing plans for 2019. However, as much as I love a plan, one major lesson I learned in 2018, I can’t plan everything and I most definitely am not in control of it all. I took some time this year to stop being so focussed on the plan, and be more focussed on the blessings of the present. I am making a conscious effort to do that this holiday season as well! Miss ypu friend! In our crazy schedules, lets map out some time for us! Xoxo


    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve always admired how you are such a driven person. 🙂

      Yes, 2018 is showing me that I have to be flexible and not everything will always go according to my plan or expectations…I think that’s called “holding on with open hands.”
      Good for you for focusing on the present time and blessings this holiday season! I DEFINITELY miss you so much friend and your sweet little girls too! Let’s powwow about some friend-time. 🙂


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